Thursday, October 2, 2014

Greenpoint Open Studios

I am excited to open my studio up to the public this weekend as a participating artist of the Greenpoint Open Studios. I will be displaying both new and old artworks. I will be selling art and goodies. Come by Saturday or Sunday, btwn 12pm - 6pm. I'll probably be around longer.

My studio is not far from the Nassau G Train and the Bedford L Train near Manhattan Ave. Here are the details;

John P. Desseereau 
117 Dobbin St. Studio 3, Ground Floor. 
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Monday, June 16, 2014

About a Painting 2: "Growth"

Growth, is probably the most narriatively complex piece I have created thus far. There are lots little details that tell a complex, contemporary and alarming story. It is comentrary about a unsure future with a comedic twist. Comedy in the tragic sense. I'll try my best to explain.

I was thinking about how climate change is going to disproportionally to effect the less wealthy half of the population and locations more than others both figuratively and literally. At the same time to believe that whole heartedly is maybe a little pessimistic and archaic. An old way of thinking, the past like a underwater forgotten city in ruins. A unsustainable and uneducated system. I wanted this lost city to spell out the word "Growth" with little island tops of leasure. 

So I refereed to the drawing above I made previously and inserted it into the drawing below from my sketchbook.

 I then sketched out the letters imbedded in the building design. I thought it was interesting that the letter "R"would float independantly in the water. Somewhere or something between the shape being full of hot air and the floating islands on Pandora was the idea. 

I then decided on a murky green and blue pallet and stretched a canvas. Cold ocean water. 

I layered the drawing over the canvas and created this below composition to set up the final template. 

At this point it was time to paint. From November to early January I worked on this piece just about everyday. I wanted to add secondary images that told a similar but different story.  I wanted to show a leisurely post exisitance that can be looked at two fold. Unconcerned about the change to come, or embracing a problem solved. 

Behold, the post apocalyptic AirBnB. 

Complete with its own entertainment...

fine dining...

and hidden danger...

The finished piece. I enjoy that to fully get the whole feel of this piece it really has to be viewed in person. I appreciate the idea that the internet and screens cannot stand in for every experience. The conceptual value although falls a little short of the impactful value of a powerful image like "Attack!", thus valuing it slightly less than that piece.

Thanks for reading...